Thursday, October 22, 2020

The MRIDANG Society

President: Shivangi Srivastava
Vice president: Abhirami Ajith


The “MRIDANG” Society of Bharati College (University of Delhi) is the Society of Performing Arts. The society has recently been formed on September 1 2014. The society excels in the field of Music, Dance and Instrumental. “MRIDANG” has a wide range of versatile singers to perform Classical, Western, Contemporary, Band and Choir singing. Versatile dancers that perform all sort of Indian dances like Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kuchi Pudi, Mohaniattam; along with the western style of dances like Belly, Arabic, Hip Hop etc are the strong pillars of the Society. Apart from the singers and dancers the Society also flaunts a number of various instrument players who excel in Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Drum etc.

Even though very less time has passed since the formation of the Society, the “MRIDANGS” have achieved position in various competitions wherever they have participated. Not only achievements, but the “MRIDANGS” have also got chances to perform at the Chinese and Bangladeshi Youth Deligation 2014 under the “Ministry of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, Youth Affair & Sports, Government of India”.

1) Udaan 2014 ( Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida)
a) SYMPHONY ( Solo singing)
I prize: Shivangi Srivastava
II prize: Madhvi Singh
b) RAZMATAZZ ( Group dance)
2) Oasis 2014 ( BITS, Pilani)
a) Taandav (Classical dance)
II prize: Abhirami Ajith
3) Won 2nd prize in the choir competition at DDU College.
4) Performers at Youth Deligations
i) Shivangi Srivastava
ii) Abhirami Ajith
iii) Aishwarya Nambiar

Within the span of just two months “MRIDANG” has achieved quite a good number of achievements and positions. The Society focuses on its work and hope that it would achieve a lot more things in the upcoming future on the basis of its hard and dedicated team work