Political Science

Political Science Faculty

Name Contact Details Designation
Dr. Sangit Sarita Dwivedi sangitsarita@gmail.com Assistant Professor Ph.D (2008, JNU) Paksitani and North Korean alignments with China: Testing balance of threat theory in Asia(1980-2000), M.Phil. (2002,DU) Sino-Pak Entente A study in nuclear collaboration
Dr. Jaya Keral jaya.keral@gmail.com Assistant Professor View Profile
Dr. Prasanta Sahoo prasantasahoo12@yahoo.co.in Assistant Professor Ph.D. (JNU, 2009) India-Bangladesh Land Border Management: Challenges before India’s National security”. M.Phil. (JNU, 2005) “India and Bangladesh: Challenges to the Land Border Management”.
Dr. Deepti Srivastava deepti.phd@gmail.com Assistant Professor Ph.D- JNU, January 2012, Topic- ” Strategic Priorities in Kzakhstan’s Foreign Policy: Implications for Kazakhstan- India Relations, 1991-2008″ MPhil. JNU, 2007 Topic- Changing Relations between Kazakhstan and India, 2001-2006
Dr. Bindu Kohli Bindukohli@ymail.com Assistant Professor MA, M. Phil PH. D (DU)
Dr. Anuranjita Wadhwa anuarora213@gmail.com Assistant Professor M.Phil (1995), M.A (1990)
Ms. Anuradha Singh anuradhasingh86@gmail.com Assistant Professor M.A (2009), M.Phil (2012) Department of Political Science, Delhi University
Dr. Amit Kumar Assistant Professor BA Banaras Hindu University MA, M.Phil and PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
Dr. Indu Baghel indubaghel2010@gmail.com Assistant Professor P.hd 2006 M.Phil 1994
Ms. Vibha Maurya Assistant Professor
Ms. Sadhna Gupta Assistant Professor
Ms. Looke Kumari luke.khanna19@gmail.com Assistant Professor M.A Political Science- University of Delhi. M.Phil (International Politics)- CIPOD, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. M.Phil Title- Comparative Study of Chinese and Indian Policy Towards Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
DR. Shailza Singh Assistant Professor