English Faculty

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Academic Qualification
Dr. (Mrs.) Mukti Sanyal muktisanyal@gmail.com Acting PrincPh.D. Ph.D(1999), University of Rajasthan, Designing an elective course for literature students at the undergraduate levels, M.Litt(ELT) from CIEFL Hyderabad.
Dr. Nandini C. Sen nandini.c.sen@gmail.com Associate Professor Ph.D (JNU,2008), M.Phil(DU,1997)
Dr. Rakhi jain rakhipawan@yahoo.com Associate Professor Ph.D A study of Shakespeare’s major tragedies in the light of Auchityavad, M.Phil
Dr. Sonali Jain sonali.eng@gmail.com, Associate Professor Ph.D.(1999,JNU)Beyond Representation; A semiotic study of women as Reel Image and sign in Vijay Tendulkar, M.Phil.(1992.JNU)
Dr. Naila Anjum panacea24@gmail.com Assistant Professor M.Phil
Ms. Aateka Khan aatekas@yahoo.com Assistant Professor M.Phil(2002) Delhi University, M.A.(2000) English Literature
Ms. Bhawna Kale bhawnakale2000@yahoo.com Assistant Professor M.Phil.(Pune Univ.,1998), B.Ed.(Du,1992), M.A(DU,1991)