Chilman The Theatre Club

Chilman – The Theatre Club


Chilman is the dramatic society of bharati college. The objective of the society is to foster talent for theatre, and to promote a vibrant theatre culture. Its activities can be categorized under three heads: theatre workshops, major productions and minor and experimental productions. We begin each academic session with an intensive workshop. These workshops, which focus on body movement, speech etc., prepare students for full-fledged theatre. As part of its quest for excellence, chilman puts up one major production every year. Over the years we have put up plays like birjis qadar ka kunba (the house of bernarda alba), romeo and juliet, ghasiram kotwal, andher nagari chaupat raja, kanpur ki aurat bhali ramkali (the good person of szechwan) etc. These shows are put up in college, thus exposing a wide audience to good theatre. Sometimes, shows are also staged outside the college to engage a wider audience.

It continues to put up small in-house and experimental productions at regular intervals. Madhyam vyayog, tauliye, saas puraan, dehleez and khazane ka saanp were some of its minor productions. Apart from short plays, chilman has been experimenting with other genres also. For the college annual day 2008, it put up a dance drama durga, choreographed by the noted kuchipudi dancer tanusree. In 2009, chilman put up another dance drama rani laxmibai, while in 2011 it ventured into ballet with tchaikovsky’s swan lake.


Participation in competitions and awards won:

In its very first year, chilman bagged four awards for its production, danish iqbal’s khauff, in the b v karanth festival at the national school of drama. In 2008-2009, two of our members, bharati and dimple, translated vishnu sharma’s one act play consummation into hindi, directed and acted in it. Their work won three prizes at inter college competitions. Both went on to become theatre professionals. Dimple kalshan has now returned to bharati college as theatre faculty.